Monday, December 15, 2014

Setup environment for extension for my SmartWatch 2

In this blog I will demonstrate how to set up environment for development of apps for SW2.
I purchase SW2 because of its benefits written below

 # Now I can set my mobile on silence mod in office. When any call comes SW2 notify me.

# I have 5 inc mobile. Now I dont need to pick up every time I gets any notification. I just use my watch to see if the notification is important for me i.e I wana reply only then I pick phone. It saves time for me ... as I am a busy guy :)

# I can take selfy by adjusting my mobile on some place and with the help of  SW2 I can capture picture.

# There are holes in software of this device, there are great opportunities to build software for it

So let us make this watch more useful

Pre req:

Before start you must have installed android SDKeclipseADT.
Set up you SW 2 (Smart watch 2).

Step 1 Install Sony SDK:

# Open Android sdk manager, Select tools ->  Ad on sites. And select user defined sites.

# Click new button and insert => in text box. click OK and close.

You can see a package name Sony Add-on SDK under Android 4.2.2 (API 19) and a package  Sony Add-on SDK in packages -> extras. Install this package.

#    Now after installation open File -> Import ->  Existing Android Code Into Workspace -> your android SDK/add-ons\addon-sony_add-on_sdk_3_0-sony-19\samples\SmartExtensions

Import projects in this folder. If you find any dependency issue. Right click each project and go to Properties -> Android -> Android target project and make it 4.4.2. After doing this to all clean and build workspace.

Step 2 Run a project on smartwatch 2:

# Now run a sample project. Lets say HelloActiveLowPowerPreferenceActivity. If your SW2 is connected with phone you can see below app, On Clicking text counters increment .